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Founded in 2015, BookpPEN.Com is one of the Newest blog on the web. that has, Bookspen.Co, BooksPEN.Ltd, BooksPEN.Org and BooksPEN.Net as its Subdomain, It’s written and produced by Anthony Ojeh and Co and covers the essential people, performances, inventions, and ideas that increase the collective adjacent possible of humanity with Categories of interest among the our posts include Trending New, Local and International, Business, Marking, Small Business, Insurance, Technology, Apps & Soft-wares, Entertainment, Music, Gaming, Lifestyles, Traveling Tips, Food, Health-Fitness, Sports, and Many More,

Our Aims are:-
1). To Inform.
2). To Entertain and
3). To Educate.

Our Goals are:-
To send the information to the door-steps of the Readers.

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