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Many enters into the new year with a plan to own a car for the first time or add a new one to the once they  already have. Whereas cars manufacturers are not leaving any stone on-turn  to make this wishes come to pass in the lives of car lovers. below is BooksPEN’s List of best five cars of 2017 and Its Prices


(1) Citroen C3 Picasso

Price: £15,000 (est) in shop Late 2017

Manufacturers are giving a little touch into traditional MPVs to make it look fashionable The C3 Picasso is the latest model to showcase its transformation,  we are hoping it will arrive towards the end of 2017


(2) Lexus LC500

Price: £76,595  In shop: Spring

Lexus has its hands full with plans to take over the cars market grand, competing with the likes of Mercedes. The Mercedes S-Class Coupe and Maserati Gran Coupe with its new LC 500. The bold two-door stands out with its concept car looks and comes with either 5.0-litre V8 or hi-tech 3.5-litre V6 hybrid power, and the latter features an innovative new CVT gearbox that’s designed to deliver a much sportier driving experience.



(3) Mercedes AMG E 63 Estate

Price: £80,000 (est)   in shops  Late 2017

Which other name sounds cooler if not Mercedes. Your wishes are not complete without a high-performance AMG version Mr Mercedes, and now the E-Class Estate gets its flagship. As with the E 63 saloon, there will be two flavours of AMG * the standard 571bhp car and 612bhp S model & both get the same 4MATIC four-wheel drive and tweaked 9G-Tronic+ auto box. With a 640-litre boot, this is one of the biggest fast estates



(4)Aston Martin Vantage


Price: From £100,000 (est) in shop Late 2017

We don’t have much info about the new to soon drop of Aston Martin Vantage. the little we know is that it will have an AMG-tuned V8, and there will be coupe and roadster models. Our exclusive image shows an evolutionary design, as with other Astons, with cues from models like the Vulcan.


(5) Lamborghini Huracan Performante

Price: £200,000 (est) in shop Late 2017

You can not get enough of Lambo!  Launch a new Lamborghini today and within few years be ready to get the new edition.  This year it’s the turn of the Huracan Performante to appear.

The new model will be lighter than the standard car, thanks to added ‘forged carbon’ in its construction. That should lead to sharper handling, with revised suspension geometry, plus it will feature active aerodynamics to boost high-speed performance. In addition, the Performante should get a small power boost for its naturally aspirated V10 engine, which will make the car a rival for the king of the stripped-out specials, the Porsche 911 GT



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