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Health advantages of Bitter Leaf intake


 Advantages of Eating Bitter Leaf  As indicated by its name, a bitter leaf is a plant that is known for its intense taste. It is frequently regarded as a vegetable.Its natural or call it botanical name is Vernonia Amygdalina, this plant fills numerous needs finished the years. It is helpful in the treatment of various […]

Advantages of Eating boiled Eggs


Advantages of Eating boiled Eggs Eggs are exceptionally nutritious, regardless of whether you fry or broil them before eating. regardless of the possibility that you utilize them as a component of the fixings in cooking or preparing, despite everything they have a scope of advantages they add to the wellbeing.

5 foods you should eat every day

Tomato Sauce This condiment should be a staple in the male diet,”., men who ate tomato sauce two to four times a week had a 35% lower risk of prostate cancer.” Enjoy the sauce over whole-wheat pasta, on whole grain pizza crust, over steamed veggies, or with eggs.   Cruciferous Veggies Veggies are at the […]

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