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Download The Facebook Latest Version for Android


Last Updated: April 30, 2017.


Enjoy the latest version of Facebook. Facebook community has recorded massive  2-Billion-users-sing-up in the pass 10year, putting similes in the faces of billion of individuals around the world.


Getting to know more about FB App features,The Facebook app’s home page puts links to all of the web site’s features on one small, convenient screen.Your News Feed, Profile, Friends, Messages, Places, and more can be accessed from here, and your notifications are shown at the bottom of the screen. If anyone has tagged you in a post or photo or written on your wall, you’ll find out about it here.


few person kick start with the News Feed, since that’s where you’ll find the social part of this social network.Push the “Top News” button at the top right of the News Feed page and it will allow you to select from Top News, Most Recent, Status Updates, Photos, and more from your Facebook friends.


“Scroll to the bottom of this list to select a group you belong to if you only want to see those updates. To update your status, click in the text box at the top of the screen that reads “What’s on your mind?” and type whatever you like.

Upload photos from your phone by clicking on the phone icon next to the status update box.

“”Click on Comments to see what others have said about a post; click the little plus sign on the right of the screen to comment on or like a post yourself. Click your phone’s back button to return to the News Feed.

“”See a slideshow of your friend’s photos by clicking on any of the photos in their post. It will show you a slideshow against a black background, just like on the website.

“”Clicking your phone’s back button returns you to the News Feed. The Places feature is fun with the Facebook app, since you can check in from wherever you are.

“”When you click “Check In” from the Places screen, the app uses your phone’s GPS feature to suggest a list of places near your current location.

“”You can even created a starred list of friends you check in with often, or add Facebook friends who are with you in real life at the coffee shop or library.

“”One dealbreaker for some users of the Facebook app is an inability to tag your friends from your phone. On the web site, typing “@” followed by a friend’s name will tag that person.

“”Their name becomes clickable, and they receive a notification that they’ve been tagged. Doing the same inside the app does not officially tag the person, and they do not receive a notification.

“”As much as you want to share where you are and what you’re doing, privacy is a serious issue with social networking. Read on to learn about Facebook’s mobile privacy controls.

Keeping up with friends is faster than ever.everywhere you go, See what friends are up to, Share updates, photos and videos, Play games and use your favorite apps

Facebook File Information:


Uploaded:                                            April 25, 2017

File size:                                                 68.6MB

Requires Android:                                        4.0.3 and up

Installs:                        1,000,000,000 – 5,000,000,000

DownloadPlease Share to Friends and Loved-Ones on Social Media after Downloading.



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