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Katsina’s 16 Year Old Boy Rapes and Impregnates 14 Year Old Girl

A 16 year old adolescent recognized as Abdulmalik Yau of Durbi Ta-Kusheyi town in Mani Local Government Area has been blamed for assaulting and impregnating a 14-year-old young lady in Katsina state.


Abdulmalik was yesterday charged under the steady gaze of the officers’ court in Katsina State.


The charged is said to have been living in a similar house with the casualty when the demonstration was executed. The casualty’s dad, Murtala Lawal, revealed the issue to the police amd the suspect was in this manner captured.


He was summoned under the steady gaze of the court for assault which is in opposition to Section 283 of the Penal Code.


The managing Magistrate, Fadila Dikko, told the blamed that the case was just brought under the steady gaze of the court for cognisance as the court had no ward to hear the case .


He subsequently requested the blamed to be remanded at the remand home pending when the case would be doled out to a suitable court.

He suspended the case to July twentieth to empower the court get counsel from the state Ministry of Justice.


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