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Salute a female Kenyan mortuary attendant who cannot stay away from the dead

Twenty six year-old Alice Awuor Omito from Rongo, Migori County, Kenya, has stunned numerous in the wake of admitting that setting up the dead for internment is the one thing that makes her glad.


The representative of Rosewood Funeral Home in Rongo said that she dropped out of nursing school after apprehensions that she would not secure work after school.


The undertaker started filling in as a funeral home orderly at Star Mortuary in Kisumu two years prior, matured 24 preceding moving to Rosewood in Rongo and says that she can’t envision being far from the dead.


“I appreciate spending a superior piece of my working days with the dead. I can’t envision avoiding them notwithstanding for a solitary working day. I need to go and take a gander at the bodies put away in coolers day by day,” she said.


“I stopped my reviews in nursing and sought after morgue science due to accessible openings for work in the last field. I don’t lament evolving callings, not one piece,” Awuor included.


She portrayed her adventure to being a female in a male ruled field, adding that she has come to love her employment, and would not substitute it for another.


“When I was new in this occupation I had fears and difficulties taking care of the dead, yet now I appreciate all of my work. I adjusted so quick and I am agreeable,” she says.


The mother of one however unveiled the difficulties that accompanied being an undertaker, admitting that it has not been a smooth ride for her.


“My sweetheart as of late dumped me when I disclosed to him that I function as a mortuary specialist. Separation is only one of the few difficulties I confront for being an undertaker. The difficulties are ordinary however. No employment is resistant to challenges in any case its tendency,” says Awuor.


She uncovered why marriage would be her last thing: “I fear my accomplice would dump me once he becomes acquainted with about my employment. I would prefer not to experience a similar ordeal once more.”



Updated: June 13, 2017 — 2:35 pm

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