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Melania Trump is reportedly having an affair with Tiffany’s head of Security, Trump Tower

Melania and Donald Trump’s attempt at making their marriages look like a happy one may have taking a heavy hit after a writer accused her of being in an affair with Tiffany’s head of security.


The writer Monica Byrne, in recent tweets has alleged that the wife of the POTUS is having an affair and has refused to cite her source of information, The Herald reports.


Byrne’s Twitter profile uncovers that she’s an author, craftsman, writer, and extremist. She’s additionally eagerly against the present President and all he remains for.

She made genuine allegations against Melania Trump by expressing that she’s been taking part in an extramarital entanglements with the head of security at Tiffany’s situated inside the Trump Tower campaign. A photograph of the man she’s alluding to was posted for her.

Monica Byrne tweets that the genuine reason Melania Trump didn’t move to Washington, D.C. after the decision was a direct result of the issue.
It’s been broadly revealed that Mrs. Trump remained behind in New York City so that 11-year-old Barron could complete the school year. The battle was allegedly hard on Donald Trump’s most youthful child and Melania would not like to make things more troublesome for him by disturbing the school year.




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