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MTN Yellow Box

Not Long-ago! MTN Nigeria launched a new initiative source of electricity Power to limit the issues of power failure in the country. aka (MTN Yellow Box)

Lumo’s power stations in a box’ is a new type of solar panel and indoor unit that allows customers purchase electricity as a service provided on demand using their MTN lines. Unlike Inverters that requires regular charging, the Lumos Mobile Electricity unit relies on solar energ-yand daily subscriptions from an MTN line to function.

The Lumo’s Mobile Electricity Service provides up to 80 watts which can conveniently power household items like a small television set, radio, fan, PC or laptop, hair clippers, mobile phones, and 4 powerful LED lights strong enough to light a room for 5-6 hours.

The Mobile Electricity device comes with a-converter that changes the power type from DC to AC to enable users plug in highlighted appliances without causing damage. It saves you money. With the Lumos Mobile Electricity Service,you won’t spenda for tune on fuel or die self or generators.

The mobile electricity is completely noiseless unlike generator sets. It is eco-friendly. With the unit, no more worries about toxic fumes that arehazardoustohumanhealth. The devicealsofreesyoufromtheannoying estimated bills that alwaysmakes you feel swindled, It is easy to set up and operate.

With a minimum of N200 Naira daily subscription from an MTN line, you are guaranteed 24/7 uninterrupted power supply fromtheunit. It is affordable and readily available at all MTN walk-In-Centres across Nigeria.

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